A Common Listing Agent Negotiation Mistake: Letting Your Ego Get Involved

FLorida Connects – What is your final goal when selling a home? You want to sell a costumers property quickly for top dollar, right? Keep that goal in mind during the entire negotiation.

I have seen people kill a potential sale to a person that would have been willing to pay top dollar for a property because they didn’t like the person. Or, the buyer started negotiations with a low-ball offer and the seller got offended.

“I refuse to negotiate with someone who insulted me with that low-ball offer”, they said. And a good buyer moved on to buy another house. Most buyers with low-ball offers can be negotiated to a higher price.

Some buyers have a big ego and think they are great negotiators (when they actually aren’t.) What is their definition of a great negotiator?

They think that someone with a big ego that tells people off and walks around like they own the world is a good negotiator. They think that being abrasive and rude will get them a better deal. They’ll throw around “take it or leave it” offers.

I can tell you from person experience that most buyers are willing to pay more than their “take it or leave it” offer. You as the professional just have to keep the negotiations going, even thought you might be a little unhappy or angry with what they are doing.

I have seen home sellers tell off a buyer that said something rude. That buyer could have bought their house. The buyer might actually be a very nice person. Keep your eye on the goal and don’t get distracted by petty things.

You want to sell your clients house for top dollar. Let anything a buyer says that is rude, or otherwise offensive, roll off like water off a duck’s back and have your goal in mind. Sell for top dollar, without hassle and the shortest amount of time for your seller.

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