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About Virtual Office
About Virtual Office

During the past years, the real estate industry has shifted for agents as well for buyer and seller. To better serve consumer and agents Florida Connects changed their approach and joined NextHome.

Next Home Connect

By partnering with NextHome we are able of changing the way how Real Estate Agents earn their commission. We still provide agents the option of leveraging our network of office spaces or deploying the latest technology in their own home.

With the advances in today’s technology, we believe a traditional Real Estate office is unnecessary. Agents no longer need to work out of a huge broker office. It just doesn’t make sense. Many savvy Realtors® work from their home offices; they arrange showing appointments online and more and more having paperless transactions.

Realtors® usually get together with their Buyer’s at desired properties and meet with a Seller at a Seller’s home. Typically today many Realtors® only go to the office for a weekly check-in, a meeting, required traditional “floor time” or simply to just get the paycheck.

Those “traditional” Real Estate Agencies pay a lot of overhead expense. To keep their offices open they charge agents a high percentage of the commission (some as high as 50%), or by charging fees, such as a desk fee, marketing fee, advertising fee, copy fees etc….and it can add up. On top of all those fees for many agents, additional fees come out of their earnings to run their real estate business.

Our NextHome System

We at NextHome Connect know that many times the  fee’s agents have to pay doesn’t line up with the services they receive.  Therefore NextHome Connect offers their agents an all inclusive system with no additional add-on fees.  NextHome agents don’t need to nickel and dime with the broker. NextHome doesn’t charge any extra desk fee, no extra advertising fee, no extra copying fee etc.

As a NextHome Connect Broker Agent, you will receive an all inclusive system and become one of the best compensated Agent in the real estate industry!

What is the catch?  There is none.

If you are a Real Estate Agent licensed in the Greater Fort Lauderdale and would like to be a part of the fasted growing brokerage of our industry find out about our all inclusive system, technology, training and much more.

All information and requests will be handled confidentially!

Let’s talk, be Next!