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About Virtual Office

About Virtual Office

Florida Connects Inc. is the first Virtual Real Estate Brokerage Firm that operates in the North Florida market and now expanded into the South Florida market. We are changing the way how Real Estate Agents earn their commission.

With the advances of today’s technology, a traditional Real Estate office is unnecessary and no longer makes sense.

According to the National Association of Realtors®, over 90% of today’s home buyers and sellers initiate their search using the Internet.

Most work of all savvy Realtors® is done from their home offices; they arrange showing appointments online and email contracts from their laptops.

Realtors® usually get together with their Buyers at desired properties and meet with a Seller at the Seller’s home.

Typically today, Realtors® only go to their offices for a weekly check-in, meetings, traditional “floor time” requirements, or simply to just get paid.

Those “traditional” Real Estate Agencies pay the overhead of keeping their offices open by charging you, the Real Estate Agent, with a percentage of the commission (some as high as 50%), or by charging fees, such as a desk fee or a franchise fee.

At Florida Connects, a Virtual Real Estate Office, we DO NOT have those overhead expenses and we transfer those savings directly to our agents.

At Florida Connects, all our agents are compensated the same. No negotiations with the Broker needed, No differential treatment between Realtors, No minimum sales required….

All of our Agents get paid 100% of the commission that is collected on the sales transactions without paying any monthly office fees.

As a Florida Connects Agent, you will become one of the best compensated Agent in the Florida real estate industry!

Our clients are Buyers, Sellers, Tenants, and Landlords.

As an Agent with Florida Connects, you will have the freedom to negotiate with your clients the commission you would like to earn.

What is the catch?  There is none.

You earn what you deserve! You get paid a TRUE 100% commission.

If you are a Real Estate Agent licensed in Florida and would like to be a part of the best-paid group of Real Estate Agents of our industry today, send us your short resume and let’s find out if you are a good fit for our team.

All information and requests will be handled confidentially!


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P.S. Send your resume in .pdf format. Not word. Don’t paste it into the body of the email. Send it to this email address career@floridaconnects.info with this subject line “Resume”, your resume attached in .pdf format and include a paragraph explaining why you want to be a part of our team.


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