Professional Real Estate Agent Profile-Video

Where to start with your Professional Real Estate Agent Profile? We shot this short video to show agents where to start with their professional real estate profile. This profiles will help your real estate consumers to find you and your business. Many of the online real estate portals allow agents to sign up for a FREE […]

Real Estate Business Planning

Video For Real Estate Business Planning Tips and Tricks The new year is fast approaching and Real Estate Business Planning should be on your mind. We made this video for our agents to remind them that this needs to be done. If you are not a NextHome Agent you are welcome as well. We are here […]

Paperless Transaction Management

Paperless Transaction Management

Simple Paperless Transaction Management We at NextHome Connect take environment issues serious and believe a simple paperless transaction management is a small contribution on a big issue. Therefore we take pride in being a paperless office by using innovative technology to manage our transactions. Being paperless, not only reduces the amount of paper used, but […]

I Think You Always Have To Be A Little Different If You Work For A 100% Commission Split

Are you struggling, not having enough business to pay your next bill? Are you tired of giving your broker a huge commission split of your hard earned money with each sale?  Do you believe there should be a different solution? Many agents in different brokerages are working for the worst commission split ever because they […]

Florida Short Sale Realtor News: Bofa Announced Important Changes To Short Sale Process

Florida Connects – Bank of America finally makes a move and has come up with changes to their most difficult short sale procedure. As we all know in the profession Bank of America is one of the worst lender to deal with on a short sale process and many hours of work and frustration finally […]

Florida Real Estate Career: College Grads – Consider A Future In Real Estate!

Florida Connects – If you’re approaching the end of your college career, you may be starting to consider some potential options for employment.  Since the current job market isn’t the best, so many students are getting their degrees only to go back to working in a position like serving tables. Unless graduates move onto either […]

Florida Realtors: What Every Real Estate Agent Needs In Order To Get Started

Florida Realtors – You just got your Florida real estate license and want to get started as a Realtor. Or perhaps you already are a seasoned agent  and are looking for a new start. In order to get started or to have a do over as an agent, you need to find a Broker who […]

Florida Realtors: Are You Still Following Your 12 Month Marketing Plan?

Florida Connects-As a Realtor or Real Estate professional you should use systems to stay organized with simple plan’s, check lists and templates to follow. Do you follow a 12 Month Marketing Plan that organizes your marketing activity month by month? It can be a simple sheet of paper but will help you follow your plan […]