I Think You Always Have To Be A Little Different If You Work For A 100% Commission Split

Are you struggling, not having enough business to pay your next bill? Are you tired of giving your broker a huge commission split of your hard earned money with each sale?  Do you believe there should be a different solution? Many agents in different brokerages are working for the worst commission split ever because they […]

Florida Realtors: Why Would Any Agent Split Their Commission When There Is A 100% TRUE Commission Split out there?

Florida Connects- Times are tough and many Agents are still working hard, but are experiencing the worst commission splits to date. Nowadays,  Agents generate their own leads, Agents have their own marketing strategies, Agents produce their own advertising, but have to accept Gross Commissions from 30-40% , and that is before deducting business expenses like […]

Happy Holidays From Florida Connects

Happy Holidays From Florida Connects

  On behalf of Florida Connects Inc., I would like to wish you, your business, and your family a wonderful and relaxing holiday season! While you are relaxing, feel free to browse our website and find out how  your income can be increased with a TRUE 100 % Commission for Florida Real Estate Agents.   […]

Florida Connects: How To Accomplish So Much More In Your Business

Here we are again, at this time of Year in which you begin to hear about starting your Business plans for the next year to come. I wanted to share an idea with you that has tremendously helped me accomplish so MUCH more in my business. Much of it has been because of a simple […]

You Have Questions About Our TRUE 100% Commission? We will answer them!

You Ask, We Answer WHAT COSTS/FEES WILL I BE RESPONSIBLE FOR? You will be responsible for no more than you already pay now: MLS Board Fees, Errors & Omissions Insurance, Marketing, Licensing, Mailing/Shipping costs, and any and all other mandatory governmental fees; business licenses, etc. DO YOU OFFER TRAINING LIKE THE MAJOR’S  BROKER FIRMS? YES! I […]

Get Paid What You Deserve with a TRUE 100% Commission

TRUE 100% Compensation-No Gimmicks Compensation for a Florida Connects Real Estate Agent is very SIMPLE. As a Real Estate Agent you will earn a TRUE 100 % of the commission collected on sales transactions without paying any franchise fees, office fees or desk fees. The corporate Broker of this firm allows “Top Commissions” to its […]

Become The Best Paid Agent in the Real Estate Industry

 Want to get paid TRUE 100% Commission?   When you have your real estate license active with Florida Connects you will earn fully 100% of your commission.  Florida Connects Agents NEVER have to “split” their earned commission with their Broker. Florida Connects Agents NEVER  pay franchise fees, office fees, desk fees or any other monthly fees. Florida Connects […]