With Coaching you will not be on your own!


The turnover rate for agents in the real estate business is high. Agents don’t receive coaching and have no training outside the laws and regulations of the real estate business itself.  Getting a real estate license is just coming out of school. As an agent, you just have the  knowledge of real estate laws and procedures.

When starting out as a real estate agent, most agents are not able to obtain coaching. Coaches have high price tags.  And without the proper training, education and coaching, the average earning of a starting out real estate agent is very low in comparison to industry’s standards.

Implementing a schedule, in conjunction with a comprehensive and detailed marketing plan, will ensure that the Agency rapidly becomes a profitable venture for our  Agents. We allow new Agents to earn more than an average Realtor by providing guidance and stability.

Starting with our agents easy to follow checklists such as marketing routine and schedules to follow.  Our agents have the opportunity to be guided through a marketing plan to gain clients. Agents may choose to follow our guidelines and training provided, or they may follow their own daily routines if they wish to do so. This is just to name a few.

Our goal at NextHome Connect as your Brokerage is to assist each Agent in conquering their goals.

If you would like to use your time more effectively and efficiently in order to expand your list of clients at a faster pace, while becoming a motivated, productive licensed agent in the real estate arena,  then you have to talk to us to find out if you are a good fit for our team.

Let’s talk about your future today!

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