Real estate agents receive compensation by earning commission through a sale. The commission is collected on a  real estate transaction and paid to the broker. In return, agents receive compensation from the brokerage. The broker and agent have agreed on a certain split. In addition, many brokerages charge agents additional fees such as office fee, desk fees, education fees, marketing fees etc.

Agents should compare and consider the value they receive and their commission split. Never make a business decision based on only any given commission split. Take into consideration what else is offered and additional fees charged that will come out of your compensation.

NextHome Connect Compensation

compare compensationOur family at NextHome has taken the frustration agents face into consideration. With our all-inclusive system, the industries approach has changed. Many agents getting nickeled and dimed for every new piece of marketing or technology they receive.  Therefore NextHome  came up with a system that is all-inclusive.

An  All Inclusive System completed with products, tools, services, marketing, training, and programs agents need to be productive, effective, efficient and successful.

The plan behind the All Inclusive System is to take advantage of the online world.  Agents have the ability to work out of the office, from their own home or out in the field. The technology is custom built and completely integrated. One stop sign in into our system integrated with programs we offer our agents. This system services our agents and all of their client’s needs, thus eliminating the overhead of an expensive office.

NextHome All Inclusive System

Take sneak peak what our system can do for you:

  • customized agent website with IDX and lead generation integration with no referral fee
  • customized agent mobile website with IDX and lead generation integration with no referral fee
  • Direct Lead Capture Sites
  • National Listing Contribution
  • Global Listing Contribution
  • Open House Syndication
  • Digital Transaction Managment
  • Design Center ( Brochures, Door Hangers, Campaigns, e-cards, craigslist ads, newsletter, postcards, single property sales kit, flyers, single property website, greeting cards, slideshow, virtual tours, property cards and much more)
  • Presentation Builder including cloud-based CMA
  • Mobile Connect
  • Mobile Business Card
  • Advertising and Lead Distribution
  • Featured Listings on 5 leading real estate portals
  • Training and Support
  • Social presence
  • Moving Service
  • Recommendation

NextHome Connect offers different compensation models to best fit our individual agents need. Want to find out what we can do for you and your business let us know below. All information are handled confidentially. We love knowing you!

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