Florida Realtors: In Today’s Real Estate Market You Need Three Sales to Close One Deal

Are you prepared to sell your listed property THREE times to close one deal?

Your Sale #1

Your first sale is through your MLS and to your fellow Real Estate Agents. The offered price needs to be attractive, your presentation as well photos, videos, virtual tours and remarks must be appealing, and the showing instructions must be as EASY as possible.  And to get showings you need to have an attractive Selling Office Commission to get other Agents to SHOW and Sell your listing.

Your Sale #2

The Second Sale is Your sell of the property to prospective BUYERS while having a showing of the property.  A must-have is an attractive price that appeals to buyers, a great curb appeal of the selling property and an easy showing to fit the schedule of your buyer. Are the lights and fan all on? Is light music playing in the back round? Is the property clean and ready for your Sale? All these factors contribute to a “WOW” impression when showing the property and will motivate the Buyer to make an offer on the property.

Your Sale #3

Don’t forget about the sell to a possible lender as well as an appraiser being your THIRD sale in the Selling process. As the Listing Agent, you should meet with the appraiser at the property in order to avoid low appraisals and defend your price through a great CMA.

If something comes up within the home inspection, appraisal or lender requirements, take this opportunity to CORRECT it and secure Your Sale for good.

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