Florida Realtors: What Every Real Estate Agent Needs In Order To Get Started

Florida Realtors – You just got your Florida real estate license and want to get started as a Realtor. Or perhaps you already are a seasoned agent  and are looking for a new start. In order to get started or to have a do over as an agent, you need to find a Broker who will sponsor your Florida real estate license, someone that you feel comfortable with, and find a situation in which the needs of both you and the broker are met. Once you have done that, the next steps are as follows:

1) Get your own Domain name

In order to get started as a Realtor in Florida, it is important that you have your own domain name, one which you can include in the website provided by your Company. If your Broker doesn’t provide you with a company website, then you can use your domain and start branding yourself from the beginning. As an Agent with Florida Connects, we will get you started with your own website so you can establish yourself more easily and at no cost to you.

2) Start your own Website

This will be a solid foundation for branding and marketing your business. Ask a web provider if you can add unlimited pages, photos, videos, PDF links and social media. Many web providers will also host your site. Make sure you shop around to find what best fits your needs.

3) Have your own MLS search tool

This must be placed on your website so that you have a search tool your visitors can utilize, and encourages them to make you their point of contact for every listing. You also have to research different options with your local MLS and be aware of its rules, along with the rules and regulations instituted by your broker. The MLS tool should have an additional lead capture element built in, so that you can capture and generate as many leads as possible.

4) Have more than one Domain

When you start your real estate career you should also begin in a niche that you will consider to be your target market area. Those additional domain names can be a powerful tool to capture leads for your specific niche. For example, you could buy a community name and target that specific community, i.e. www.TallahasseeForeclosureSolutions.com or www.FortLauderdaleForeclosureSolution.com. This would be a niche in which distressed home owners can find information and solutions to avoid Foreclosures by turning to short sales and loan modifications instead.

5) Create your first campaign letter

This letter is to be sent to your inner circle and other influential circles that you are a part of (family, friends and people who you already know). The letter should explain who you are as a Real Estate professional, along with the services you provide your clients with. Furthermore, it should include a brief description of any unique tools offered on your website. You can also motivate your inner circle to promote and refer you to others by offering them incentives. For instance, when they go on your website, they could enter a drawing by signing up with their email addresses. This will save you time and money in the long run,  and also gives you an opportunity to build on those previously established relationships.

6) Start advertising on Craigslist

Craigslist is a powerful tool and a great place to run ads for free and direct traffic to your website. This provides you with yet another opportunity to generate more leads. Make sure you place ads in the Real Estate section under “Service” and “For sale” .

7) Stay educated in your market

Start with your local MLS. Look at the everyday market section for new homes on the market, expired listings, sold homes, price changes, and how long homes stay on the market. This should give you a good idea on how your market condition is run. Get familiar with how to use your MLS,  how to run reports, how to establish a CMA, etc. After you studied the MLS make sure you share your information on your website so that you can provide valuable information  to your visitors. We provide a monthly comprehensive market report to our agents and clients. Take a look at a sample here.

8) Get started with Florida Connects

Make sure you check us out and discover that we have much more to share with our agents. We can help you with your great start and differentiate you from other licensed Real Estate Agents from the get-go. Make sure we receive your resume to see what we can do for you.