Giving Thanks To Family, Friend’s and Collegeuges


“What are you doing for Thanksgiving?” our friend Klaus asked. We had been in the US for only a few days and we had no idea what Thanksgiving was!

Curious and not really knowing what to expect, I and my family was happy to accept Klaus invitation to spend this new holiday with Klaus’s family and friends.

Honestly. We didn’t really know what was coming. I thought it would be like a Christmas dinner we used to have back home. Festive, but quiet family affair: a nice meal, a glass of wine, and a conversation over coffee.

Oh no!

Picture this: A long dinning room table that was OVERFLOWING with all kinds of awesome food, lovely sauces, vegetables, incredible side dishes we had never seen before, aromas that made my mouth water…And a huge, golden-crisp turkey in the middle!


But the most amazing part were the people. So many fun, friendly, big hearted folks with endless supply of warm smiles, great stories and laughter.

We instantly felt accepted and welcomed by Klaus’s family and friends as if we was one of them. Everyone wanted to hear our families story about coming to the States and what was it like to live here in the US. We talked and talked late into the night.

Today, we have our own festivity and Thanksgiving is still one of my favorite holidays. It’s another opportunity for me to say Thanks to all you amazing, friendly, and great people I’ve had the good fortune to meet on this exciting journey.

So tomorrow, as I carve the turkey, I will be grateful for your friendship, support, and kindness.

Have wonderful Thanksgiving!

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