Featured Listing Marketing

reMarketing Advantage, Leverage, and Planning


NextHome National Listing Distribution Program (NLD) is a great marketing benefit we provide to our NextHome agents. Making NLD a great tool that differentiates clearly our NextHome agents from the competition.

Sellers that market their home through our NLD program gives you and any sellers home a broad exposure to the largest amount of buyers. This assures to help seller sell their home for the best price possible. Therefore the  Advantage of our NLD program allows you to control marketing, presentation, and interest in the property.


The leverage in our NLD program comes with us as paying for the NLD program. While most agents can not pay for featured listings on all five major real estate portals we provided to you. Currently, our listings are featured on Zillow, Yahoo, AOL, Homes.com and Trulia. In addition, there is no competing agent shown – not even a Premier Agent on your listing.  As a listing agent, you and you alone receive 90+% of buyer inquiries generated. Any inquiry on your listing is your lead and you can provide the best service possible.


Which agent know’s more and can provide the most information about a seller’s home? Of course, it is  the listing agent. NextHome featured listing advantage lets agents serve any buyer and seller better and efficient. Make sure to let your client know about the featured listing you offer. Let your seller know what you offer that most agents will or can not provide. Plan and coordinate with your clients your marketing strategy to maximize your featured listing.

As an agent in today market, it is important to differentiate yourselves from the competition.  As a NextHome member, it is easy to communicate the value of your NextHome featured listings benefit. Your clients can easily see how you differentiate yourself from the competition with your NLD marketing program.