Buying Or Selling A House With Germans

Why Struggle as a real estate agent

Buying Or Selling A House With Germans Today I was reading a blogger post about asking her colleagues to  be direct when communicating with her. This made me think and inspired me since I come from a different culture where we don’t talk around the bushes. So if you are buying or selling a house with […]

Florida Realtors Foundation Scholarship Application

It is this time of the year where the Florida Realtors Foundation Scholarship Application will be provided for Florida high school seniors who will be attending an undergraduate college or university; students currently enrolled in an undergraduate college or university, and students pursuing graduate studies. Are you a Realtor and have kids in school? Everybody can […]

Giving Thanks To Family, Friend’s and Collegeuges

Giving Thanks

  “What are you doing for Thanksgiving?” our friend Klaus asked. We had been in the US for only a few days and we had no idea what Thanksgiving was! Curious and not really knowing what to expect, I and my family was happy to accept Klaus invitation to spend this new holiday with Klaus’s […]

Steve Jobs Offer On Life Changing Thoughts – 46 Seconds And You Will Never Be The Same Again

When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and you’re life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family, have fun, save a little money. That’s a very limited life. Life […]

A Common Listing Agent Negotiation Mistake: Letting Your Ego Get Involved

Negitiation superman

FLorida Connects – What is your final goal when selling a home? You want to sell a costumers property quickly for top dollar, right? Keep that goal in mind during the entire negotiation. I have seen people kill a potential sale to a person that would have been willing to pay top dollar for a […]

I Think You Always Have To Be A Little Different If You Work For A 100% Commission Split

Are you struggling, not having enough business to pay your next bill? Are you tired of giving your broker a huge commission split of your hard earned money with each sale?  Do you believe there should be a different solution? Many agents in different brokerages are working for the worst commission split ever because they […]

Tallahassee Real Estate Market Update With A Surprise In April 2012

Tallahassee FL – When we look Tallahassee sales history for the month of April there is a usual upswing in sales and the start of the selling season begins. What has happen this April 2012 to the selling season in Tallahassee?  Instead of having a good start for the season home sales have declined and  […]

Florida Short Sale Realtor News: Bofa Announced Important Changes To Short Sale Process


Florida Connects – Bank of America finally makes a move and has come up with changes to their most difficult short sale procedure. As we all know in the profession Bank of America is one of the worst lender to deal with on a short sale process and many hours of work and frustration finally […]

Tallahassee Realtor: Tallahassee Real Estate Market Home Sales March 2012


Tallahassee Fl – The national  25Billion Mortgage Settlement  was approved, which was brought on by federal official and 49 state attorneys general, including Florida, against the top five largest servicer – Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Ally financial. What will this mean for the Tallahassee Market? Lenders can now proceed […]

Florida Real Estate Career: College Grads – Consider A Future In Real Estate!

Florida Connects – If you’re approaching the end of your college career, you may be starting to consider some potential options for employment.  Since the current job market isn’t the best, so many students are getting their degrees only to go back to working in a position like serving tables. Unless graduates move onto either […]

Breaking News For Florida Realtors: FHA Financing Premiums Set To Increase This April

fha loans

Florida Connects – If you are a Realtor in Florida and working with buyers still sitting on the fence,  now is the time to let  your buyers know  that the Federal Housing administration has announced that the cost for FHA loan is to be increased on April 01, 2012. What does this mean for your […]

Tallahassee Real Estate Market Update: Will We Hit Bottom?


Tallahassee, FL – The year 2012 started with lower Tallahassee home sales than the year 2011.  We have seen a rise in home inventories. In Tallahassee we currently have 2,098 active homes for sale. When including surrounding areas, that number increases to 3,172 active homes for sale on the market. The high inventory coupled with […]

Florida Realtors: What Every Real Estate Agent Needs In Order To Get Started

new business start

Florida Realtors – You just got your Florida real estate license and want to get started as a Realtor. Or perhaps you already are a seasoned agent  and are looking for a new start. In order to get started or to have a do over as an agent, you need to find a Broker who […]

Florida Realtors: Are You Still Following Your 12 Month Marketing Plan?

Marketing Plan

Florida Connects-As a Realtor or Real Estate professional you should use systems to stay organized with simple plan’s, check lists and templates to follow. Do you follow a 12 Month Marketing Plan that organizes your marketing activity month by month? It can be a simple sheet of paper but will help you follow your plan […]

Florida Realtors: Why Would Any Agent Split Their Commission When There Is A 100% TRUE Commission Split out there?

Florida Connects- Times are tough and many Agents are still working hard, but are experiencing the worst commission splits to date. Nowadays,  Agents generate their own leads, Agents have their own marketing strategies, Agents produce their own advertising, but have to accept Gross Commissions from 30-40% , and that is before deducting business expenses like […]

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Florida Realtors: In Today’s Real Estate Market You Need Three Sales to Close One Deal

Are you prepared to sell your listed property THREE times to close one deal? Your Sale #1 Your first sale is through your MLS and to your fellow Real Estate Agents. The offered price needs to be attractive, your presentation as well photos, videos, virtual tours and remarks must be appealing, and the showing instructions […]

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Lead Generation for Realtors

Are you up to date with your Online Presence as a Realtor and Your marketing Systems? Did you know that 90% of today’s real estate consumers start their home search on the Internet? According to the 2008 National Association of REALTOR® research, online buyers value the following real estate information most: Photos (86%) Detailed Property […]

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4 Step Process of Lead Generation

4 Step Lead Generation Process In order to stay in Business you need to new prospects on a daily basis. We provide you with Squeeze Pages, and this tutorial will help you better understand the lead generation process and show you how to use your Lead Generation Pages.

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Lead Generation – The Way To An Agent’s Success

Dear fellow Agent, Lead generation is the key to success for any agent in the Real Estate Industry. Missing out on leads means your pipeline may be thin, negatively impacting your sales not only now, but perhaps even later down the road. The old traditions simply don’t work anymore, including Cold-calling, newspaper ads, and bulk […]

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Tallahassee Market Report- Tallahassee Home Sales September 2011

September 2011 Dear Clients, Colleagues and Peers, Welcome Fall and Enjoy cooler Temperatures.  After Labor Day it is a seasonal slow down in the real estate market. The latest indication shows that foreclosure filings have picked up after lenders have corrected their mess. Besides all the negative news, Realty Trac listed Tallahassee as one under […]

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Florida Connects: What makes a good Short Sale Realtor?

Florida Realtors– A good Short Sale Realtor will make the difference between success and failure on your short sale. Here are the qualities that make a good, effective short sale Realtor.  Persistence. Short sales are frustrating. Many times you will feel like giving up. Many times you will feel like you have finished the task. […]

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Greetings to our new Tallahassee Property Management Division

We are proud to welcome to our successful team our new Property Management Division with Real Estate Agents  in Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida. Our new Division specializes in tenant relations within rental properties and property management. With this addition to our team, Florida Connects Inc. keeps expanding, and now, with the addition of the Property […]

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Monthly Tallahassee Real Estate Market Update August 2011

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Peers, Steady as it goes—Heat and the Tallahassee Market This year, Tallahassee real estate in August looked very much like July. Similar number of sales, number of homes on the market and months of inventory. Interests rates have remained steady (low), rental occupancy remains high with the Tallahassee economy still declining. The Tallahassee market […]

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What is the Foreclosure Institute?

Florida Connects  – The Foreclosure Institute was started in Tallahassee and Fort Lauderdale because we are concerned with the foreclosure crisis affecting America. Rather than just sit idly by and do nothing, we decided to take action. That’s how we got started. We want to help families keep their sanity through difficult times. Foreclosure is […]

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Workshops for Florida Connects Agents so YOU can Succeed

We are Focused on Your Success   We at Florida Connects  are also focused on the success of  our agents. We will watch out for and support our agents along the way with respect to the interests and goals of every agent.  Along with our modern, refreshing, out-of-the-box thinking, we will elevate Florida Connects Agents into a position […]

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