Paperless Transaction Management

Simple Paperless Transaction Management

We at NextHome Connect take environment issues serious and believe a simple paperless transaction management is a small contribution on a big issue. Therefore we take pride in being a paperless office by using innovative technology to manage our transactions.

Being paperless, not only reduces the amount of paper used, but it allows us to be cloud-based. A cloud-based transaction makes us more effective and efficient in sending and sharing documents with our clients. Not to mention the savings our office receives in not having to order paper supplies. This is imperative and helps us to keep our office cost low for our agents.

Transaction Rooms

Our paperless transaction management room offers a seamless, secure and efficient way for agents to manage all transactions. Transaction rooms bring all parties involved together. In your inside virtual workspace, you can access securely, store your transaction files, send and sign documents, and provide an easy review process.

E-Signature Platform

The integration of our e-signature platform with DocuSign is the first at this level in real estate franchise. NextHome agents gain an edge in their market with this member benefit in our single sign in platform. Our all-inclusive system helps you to keep your transaction process simple, secure and convenient for everyone involved.

Paperless Transaction Managment

The paperless transaction room brings big benefits to our agents, administration, and clients

  • Access all your documents from any computer, tablet, phone any browser, anywhere.
  • Stay organized with your transaction room checklists for every transaction.
  • Email or allow transaction access to clients, lenders, and title companies.
  • All inclusive agent benefit no additional cost.

Our paperless transaction management elevates the experience for your home buyer and seller, showing them first-hand the value of using you a NextHome real estate professional.

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