Agent Referral

Your Referral Your Additional Income


Agent Referral SystemWe at NextHome Connect believe in gratitude.  Our Agent to Agent Referral Income Compensation Plan is a way to be thankful to our Agents. NextHome Connect agents let us know  about other Agents that want to join our company and receive your reward every time. Very simple and no strings attached.

How The ReFerral Program works?

We at NextHome Connect will pay a bonus to all our agents that procured a new agent with NextHome Connect.  But we don’t stop there. NextHome Connect agents receive rewards for every sales transaction that closed from those procuring agents.  In order to get the agent bonus, both of you need to keep your license activated with NextHome Connect Realty.

What is Next?

Want to know more about our agent to agent program just let us know below and we will connect with you.

If you are a real estate agent licensed in Florida  and want to be part of our NextHome Connect bonus program let us know as well we look forward meeting you.

Are you Next?