Tallahassee Market Report October 2011

October 2011

Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Peers,

The seasonal slow down of the Tallahassee Real Estate market has started and we have witnessed a significant drop in sales because of it. This season’s sales have been a record-breaking low since 2003.

Our analysis implies that the Tallahassee market has been steady as an “Extreme Buyers Market” for slightly more than 12 months when considering the inventory of homes for sale. This most likely will not change in the next few months, simply because we are experiencing an overall slow selling season.

We thus predict that the Tallahassee real estate market will remain as such over the next few month across all price ranges. We have seen a slight decline in the amount of homes put up for sale on the market due to the slow selling
season, along with the holiday season knocking on our doors.

But if you still need to sell a home, it is the right time to consider selling now, since competition is low and many home buyers are taking advantage of this slow selling season.

Buying and selling in this market requires a deep understanding of the history and pressures in each area of town along with each if its price ranges. We hope that this advanced report of the Tallahassee Properties Market, which includes detailed information of numerous zip codes, areas, and its various price ranges will help you make the best decisions for you and your family.

It is our pleasure to give you the information you need to make extremely informed decisions.

Call us if we can provide you with any additional information.

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Article by Annett T. Block

Annett is a Real Estate Broker at Florida Connects, devoted mother and wife. Annett is a native of Germany and uses her extensive Real Estate knowledge and strategies, her ability to speak multiple languages to establish relations in the global real estate market. Along with her “out of the box” thinking Annett is responsible for exceptional Real Estate transactions.
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